Excel Wicket Component

This component (isis-wicket-excel) allows a collection of entities to be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet (using Apache POI).


The module’s functionality can be explored by running the quickstart with example usage using the org.incode.domainapp.example.app.modules.ExampleDomWktExcelAppManifest.

A home page is displayed when the app is run:

010 install fixtures

The module contributes an additional "view" for both standalone and parented collections:

Then the standalone collection of all incomplete todo items shows an additional link to select the excel view:

020 excel tab

In both cases this view is simply a button to download the collection as an Excel spreadsheet:

030 download link

And the spreadsheet contains the contents of the collection:

040 excel

How to configure/use

Simply add this component to your classpath, eg:


You should then find that a new view is provided for all collections of entities (either as returned from an action, or as a parented collection), from which a link to download the spreadsheet can be accessed.

Check for later releases by searching Maven Central Repo.

Known issues

None known at this time.

See also the Excel library module, which provides programmatic ability to export or import objects to/from an Excel spreadsheet.


Maven can report modules dependencies using:

mvn dependency:list -o -pl modules/wkt/excel/impl -D excludeTransitive=true

which, excluding Apache Isis itself, returns these compile/runtime dependencies:


For further details on 3rd-party dependencies, see: