Contributors Guide

This guide provides guidance to those looking to build the platform from source, either to contribute back pull requests and enhancements, or just to fork for their own purposes.

Directory Structure

├── documentation/     # docs and website source
├── search/            # node.js scripts to generate search index
└── template/          # HTML template/styling for website
├── app/
│   └── quickstart/    # quickstart application
└── arch/
    └── quickstart/    # quickstart archetype
modules/               # modules making up the platform
├── pom.xml            # org.incode:incode-parent
├── dom/               # subdomains
├── ext/               # extensions
├── lib/               # libraries
├── mml/               # metamodel facets
├── spi/               # Core framework SPI (hook) implementations
└── wkt/               # Wicket viewer components
platformapp/           # webapp used to test/develop the platform


The platform is built simply from the root directory:

mvn clean install

This builds the modules, platformapp and quickstart app.

The quickstart archetype (reverse engineered from the quickstart application) is built through a separate process.

Testing & Developing

Load the platformapp