WickedCharts Wicket Component

This component (isis-wicket-wickedcharts) integrates Wicked Charts. Wicked Charts is in turn an integration between Apache Wicket and the Highcharts JS charting library).

Please note that while this project and Wicked Charts are licensed under Apache 2.0 License, Highcharts itself is only free for non-commercial use. See the Highcharts website for further details.

There are in fact two separate components:

  • summarycharts: render a standalone collection with BigDecimal properties as a chart. (This component can be thought of as an enhancement of the base summary view provided by Isis Wicket viewer).

  • scalarchart: renders a standalone scalar value (from an action invocation) as a chart


The module’s functionality can be explored by running the quickstart with example usage using the org.incode.domainapp.example.app.modules.ExampleDomWktSummerNoteAppManifest.

A home page is displayed when the app is run:

010 install fixtures

Note that the example entity (todo item) has two numeric (BigDecimal) properties:

020 entity with numeric properties

Summary Charts

Invoking an action that returns a collection of entities:

030 all entities

... shows an additional button to view those entities in a summary chart:

040 standalone collection additional button for summary chart

Clicking on the button renders a chart where the values of all numeric (BigDecimal) properties are plotted:

050 summary chart

Scalar Charts

Arbitrary charts can be returned from any action. For example this action:

060 arbitrary charts

... renders a pie chart splitting out the example Todo entities by their category:

070 scalar chart

API & Usage

Summary Charts

There is no special usage; a standalone collection of any entity with one or more properties of type BigDecimal will be rendered using the summarycharts extension.

Scalar Chart

Any action returning the WickedChart value type should be rendered as a chart. The WickedChart value type is simply a wrapper around the wicked chart’s Options class:

import com.googlecode.wickedcharts.highcharts.options.Options;

public class WickedChart implements Serializable {

    private Options options;

    public WickedChart(Options options) { ... }

Any chart supported by Wicked Charts (see their showcase app) should work.

How to configure/use


Add the component to your project’s dom module’s pom.xml:


Check for later releases by searching Maven Central Repo.

Known issues / Limitations

Although the WickedChart class (in the `scalarchart’s API) has value semantics, it will (currently) not render as a chart if used as an entity property. Such a property should be persistable, however. Therefore a workaround is to hide the property and instead provide an action to show the chart.

For example:

public class MyEntity {

    private WickedChart chart;
    public WickedChart getChart() { ... }
    public void setChart(WickedChart chart) { ... }

    public WickedChart showChart() {
        return getChart();


Maven can report modules dependencies using:

mvn dependency:list -o -pl modules/wkt/wickedcharts/impl -D excludeTransitive=true

which, excluding Apache Isis itself, returns these compile/runtime dependencies:


For further details on 3rd-party dependencies, see:

It also includes a Javascript dependency on Highcharts.

Note that the Highchart License is commercial and must be purchased (unless in use for a personal/open source project).