SessionLogger SPI Implementation

This module (isis-module-sessionlogger) provides an implementation of Apache Isis' SessionLoggingService API that persists session entries (representing users logging in or out of the application) using Isis' own (JDO) objectstore. Typically this will be to a relational database; the module’s SessionLogEntry entity is mapped to the "IsisSessionLogEntry" table.


The module’s functionality can be explored by running the quickstart with example usage using the

A home page is displayed when the app is run:

000 home page

The sessionlogger module automatically creates log entries whenever a user logs on or logs out. The home page shows all session log entries, so shows one initially for the current user.

The currently logged on users of the application (that is: those for whom there is a valid non-expired HTTP session) can be found from the activity menu:

010 active sessions

If on another browser another user logs in, then this will show two currently active users:

020 active sessions listed

The list of sessions can optionally be filtered by user and date range:

040 find sessions prompt

returning matching sessions:

050 find sessions listed

How to Configure/Use


Update your classpath by adding this dependency in your project’s dom module’s pom.xml:


Check for releases by searching Maven Central Repo.


In the AppManifest, update its getModules() method, eg:

public List<Class<?>> getModules() {
    return Arrays.asList(


The SessionLoggingService defines the following API:

public interface SessionLoggingService {
    public enum Type {
    public enum CausedBy {
    void log(Type type, String username, Date date, CausedBy causedBy);

The framework will automatically call the log(…​) method on the service implementation if configured to run the Wicket viewer.

The framework only ever calls log(…​) with a CausedBy value of either "USER" (the user has explicitly logged in or logged out), or with "SESSION_EXPIRATION" (the Wicket viewer session has timed out).

The "RESTART" value is provided for implementations (such as the sessionlogger spi module) which automatically "tidy-up" and mark as complete and sessions that were in-progress if the webserver is restarted.


The SessionLoggingService API is implemented in this module by the org.isisaddons.module.sessionlogger.SessionLoggingServiceDefault class. This implementation simply inserts a session log entry (SessionLogEntry) when either a user logs on, logs out or if their session expires.

The SessionLogEntry properties directly correspond to parameters of the SessionLoggingService log() API:

public class SessionLogEntry
    private String sessionId;                           (1)
    private String username;                            (2)
    private SessionLoggingService.Type type;            (3)
    private Timestamp loginTimestamp;                   (4)
    private Timestamp logoutTimestamp;                  (5)
    private SessionLoggingService.CausedBy causedBy;    (6)
1 sessionId identifies the user’s session. Primary key. (Note: it is not the http session id!)
2 username identifies the user that has logged in/out
3 type determines whether this was a login or logout.
4 loginTimestamp is the date that the login of the session event occurred
5 logoutTimestamp is the date that the logout of the session event occurred
6 `causedBy`indicates whether the session was logged out due to explicit user action, by session expiry, or by the server restarting

The SessionLogEntry entity is designed such that it can be rendered on an Isis user interface if required.

Supporting Services

As well as the SessionLoggingServiceDefault service (that implements the SessionLoggingService API), the module also provides two further domain services:

  • SessionLogEntryRepository provides the ability to search for persisted (SessionLogEntry) entries.

    None of its actions are visible in the user interface (they are all @Programmatic) and so this service is automatically registered.

  • SessionLoggingServiceMenu provides the secondary "Activity" menu for listing all active sessions and for searching for session entries by user and by date.

    The SessionLoggingServiceMenu is automatically registered as a domain service; as such its actions will appear in the user interface. If this is not required, then either use security permissions or write a vetoing subscriber on the event bus to hide this functionality, eg:

    @DomainService(nature = NatureOfService.DOMAIN)
    public class HideIsisAddonsSessionLoggerFunctionality extends AbstractSubscriber {
        public void on(final SessionLoggerModule.ActionDomainEvent<?> event) { event.hide(); }

Known issues or Limitations

The Restful Objects viewer currently does not support this service.

There is some overlap with the`AuditingService3` API, which audits changes to entities by end-users. Implementations of this service are referenced by the Isis Add-ons website.


Maven can report modules dependencies using:

mvn dependency:list -o -pl modules/spi/sessionlogger/impl -D excludeTransitive=true

which, excluding Apache Isis itself, returns no direct compile/runtime dependencies.