Most libraries mostly act as wrappers around some lower-level technology libraries such as Freemarker or PdfBox. The three docrendering libraries act as a "glue" between the Document subdomain and these lower-level libraries.

Module Description (direct)
3rd party dependencies

Base library of utility classes.


Provides a mail-merge capability of input data into an MS Word .docx templates, with the generated output document either Word .docx or Acrobat .pdf.

Provides a domain service so that a collection of (view model) object scan be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, or recreated by importing from Excel.

Provides a domain service that generates fake random data. The random values generated can then be used within unit and integration tests.

Provides support for writing fixtures.


Provides a wrapper around the Freemarker templating engine

Provides a set of testing utilities to support integration testing


Provides a wrapper around the JAX-RS Client API (as implemented by Apache CXF).

Provides a library and supporting SPIs to archive BLOBs from Documents into a Minio service

Provides a wrapper around Apache PDFBox.

Provides a set of helpers to support the definition of polymorphic associations; that is: relationships from one persistent entity to another by means of a (Java) interface.

Provides access to various elements of the Servlet API, namely the ServletContext, the HttpServletRequest and the HttpServletResponse.

Note that this module is only available through the Wicket viewer, not the REST API.


Provides the ability to post to a Slack channel.

Provides a mechanism to interpolate string templates with either Isis system properties or values obtained from a domain object, using OGNL library.

Provides a set of testing utilities to support unit testing.


Provides a wrapper around XDocReport, an API to merge XML documents into MS Office (.docx) or OpenOffice (.odt) files, optionally converting into another format (notably PDF).

Zips up a collection of files.